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Lesson Learned

Most people look at the previous year and say, “damn, things went pretty bad pretty quickly”. And on any other day, I would have said the same thing, but was it really that bad?

Yeah, a deadly virus took over the world. Yes, the world seems to be falling apart. Yes, everything is friggin upside down. But did it really happen that quickly?


Nothing “bad” happens quickly, otherwise, we would already be extinct.

Screw it, let’s talk less meta

A lot of our perceptions of the world are our own experiences. Confused? Well, me too.

Basically how you see the world is how you think it functions. Right away you probably see the problem — everyone has their own opinions and so the world functions differently in most people’s eyes.



Hamza Mufti 😎

Hamza Mufti 😎

Currently decreasing time taken to treat cancerous tumours by ~1000% w/ scalable nanoparticles. I like cookies.